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healthy protein pancakes

To help you all out, I’ve got a brand new healthy protein pancake recipe that is ready in just 3 minutes. 

 Don’t believe me? Check out the link below to see me cooking up a storm!

 So what are we waiting for? Lets get pancake flipping!


Serves 4 pancakes

Prep/ Cooking time: 3 mins



flour of your choice - 1/2 a cup

coconut milk (or milk of your choice) -  ½ cup

 egg whites - 2

Chia seeds -  1 Tbsp

Linwoods milled organic mix (or superfood mix of your choice) - 1 Tbsp (heaped)

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Vanilla Whey Protein -  1 serving




1.     Mix flour and a 1/4 cup of coconut milk in a large mixing bowl

2.     Add chia seeds and Superfoods mix, before adding 2 egg whites

3.     Whisk until a smooth texture forms 

4.     Add remainder of coconut milk and whisk 

5.     Heat 1 tsp of coconut oil in a small frying pan 

6.     Once warm (but not steaming), pour mixture to form a pancake

7.     Allow to cook until golden brown and flip 

8.     Serve your pancake with toppings of your choice.