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ESSENTIAL 8 Week LEAN Transformation Guide

ESSENTIAL 8 Week LEAN Transformation Guide

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8 Week LEAN Transformation Guide eBook

Your LEAN Guide will be sent to your email address on 31st December 2019, ready for you to start 2020 with a healthy and motivated mindset. The early bird discounted rate on this guide is available up until 31st December.

This 8 week training eBook is designed to help you build a lean, toned physique using 4 styles of training: Fat Burn HIIT, Resistance Training, Pilates and Active Recovery.

These workouts can be completed anywhere, at home, in the gym, even on holiday.

This program requires minimal equipment:

  • Lean With Lilly Adjustable Band
  • Lean with Lilly HIIT Band
  • Dumbbells (2 sets recommended: 1-3kg and 3-7kg)
  • A soft surface to lie down (a mat)

This program comprises of 28 unique workouts designed to tone, tighten and sculpt all the muscles in your body, building a lean physique.

Weekly Structure of the Workouts (not in this order):

  • 1 Total Body Fat Burn HIIT
  • 1 Abs & Fat Burn HIIT
  • 1 Booty Lift Resistance
  • 1 Lower Body Sculpt & Tone Resistance
  • 1 Upper Body & Core Resistance
  • 1 Total Body Pilates
  • 1 Active Recovery

Program Format:

  • Week 1: 7 Unique Workouts
  • Week 2: Repeat as Week 1, monitoring progress
  • Week 3: 7 New Unique Workouts
  • Week4: Repeat as Week 3, monitoring progress
  • Week 5: 7 New Unique Workouts
  • Week 6: Repeat as Week 5, monitoring progress
  • Week 7: 7 New Unique Workouts
  • Week 8: Repeat as Week 7, monitoring progress

A tracking sheet to monitor your progress is also included

To prepare you for starting the guide, Lilly will be releasing a short workout every day to her YouTube channel up until 31st December 2019.