VIDEO 8 Week LEAN Transformation Guide


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8 Week LEAN Transformation Guide eBook + Real Time Videos

This 8 week training guide provides you with your own trainer, instructing you throughout Real Time Workouts every single day, for 8 weeks.

Lilly, your trainer is with you every step of the way during your 8-week transformation. Providing daily motivation, encouragement, form correction and all round positivity. This package is a must for anyone who enjoys working out in Real Time with Lilly.

As well as having access to 28 unique workouts, ranging from 30 minutes – 1 hour in length, this guide also provides 7 warm up videos, 7 finisher videos and modification exercises for beginners (or if you are looking simplify a certain exercise)

The eBook as in the Lean Essential Package is also included plus a progress tracking sheet.

This program is designed to help you build a lean, toned physique using 4 styles of training: Fat Burn HIIT, Resistance Training, Pilates and Active Recovery.

These workouts can be completed anywhere, at home, in the gym, even on holiday.

Minimal Equipment Required:

Lean With Lilly Adjustable Band

Lean with Lilly HIIT band

Dumbbells (2 sets recommended: 1-3kg and 3-7kg)

A soft surface to lie down (a mat)

This program comprises of 28 unique workouts designed to tone, tighten and sculpt all the muscles in your body, building a lean physique

Weekly Structure of the Workouts (not in this order):

1 Total Body Fat Burn HIIT

1 Abs & Fat Burn HIIT

1 Booty Lift Resistance

1 Lower Body Sculpt & Tone Resistance

1 Upper Body & Core Resistance

1 Total Body Pilates

1 Active Recovery

Program Format

Week 1: 7 Unique Workouts

Week 2: Repeat as Week 1, monitoring progress

Week 3: 7 New Unique Workouts

Week4: Repeat as Week 3, monitoring progress

Week 5: 7 New Unique Workouts

Week 6: Repeat as Week 5, monitoring progress

Week 7: 7 New Unique Workouts

Week 8: Repeat as Week 7, monitoring progress

Please Note: the 8 week time frame is a guideline. This is your guide, your workouts and your journey, and I encourage you to take it at your own pace. If you want to take additional rest days, that is absolutely fine. You can pick and choose which warm ups and finishers (if any) you add on to the end of your workout, depending on which muscle groups you want to work more/or less.

Once you have received your guide, it is yours forever so you can repeat the videos as many times as you like.