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Resistance Bands

"These bands are AMAZING, you'll get a new workout, I used to use plastic ones, they left me with a rash, pinched my skin and never seemed to give me good resistance then I got the LEAN bands and OMG the burn, theyr great quality amazing price I'm one happy customer 😊

Maysie Bye

"The band is fantastic and really targets the muscle groups unlike every other band I've owned. Every other band I've bought plastic and fabric slip over time , I've had my band since the first release and it's never slipped or stretched. The adjustable band is also great instead of having loads of different bands at different weights"

Kayleigh Wild

"By far the best bands I have ever used! The adjustable band is so genius that you can just adjust to whatever resistance you need and you will for sure feel it in your butt in the best way possible. I absolutely love them ♥️♥️"

Nicole Vena