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PERSONAL 8 Week LEAN Transformation Guide

PERSONAL 8 Week LEAN Transformation Guide

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8 Week LEAN Transformation Guide eBook + Real Time Videos + Up close and personal with Lilly
Your LEAN Guide will be sent to your email address on 31st December 2019, ready for you to start 2020 with a healthy and motivated mindset. The early bird discounted rate on this guide is available up until 31st December.
We all have different fitness goals: physical and mental. This online coaching package is perfect for anyone who is looking for a closer relationship with their trainer, Lilly, throughout their personal fitness transformation journey.

In addition to all of the incredible benefits of the LEAN VIDEO PACKAGE, you also have access to the following personal services with Lilly:
  • Introduction video-call session with Lilly, to set goals and map out goal path
  • Three live video call sessions with Lilly per week x 10 weeks (30 calls)*
  • Mid guide goal check-in (video-call) with Lilly
  • Personalised fitness & health advice from Lilly (Chartered Physiotherapist + Certified Pilates Instructor)

Please Note: the 8 week time frame is a guideline. This is your guide, your workouts and your journey, and I encourage you to take it at your own pace. If you want to take additional rest days, that is absolutely fine. You can pick and choose which warm ups and finishers (if any) you add on to the end of your workout, depending on which muscle groups you want to work more/or less.

Once you have received your guide, it is yours forever so you can repeat the videos as many times as you like.
*Please note these live sessions give access to people in the LEAN PERSONAL PACKAGE only and spaces are very limited.