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  • Home Workout Programs
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  • #LeanWithLilly Family

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The #LeanWithLilly Family

I came across Lilly’s profile quite a few years ago on Instagram, and I was instantly blown away by it. I mean, if you are reading this you’ve seen her she’s a stunner....but there is so much more to her. I commend her on building her following and as a result her business, she is clearly very talented and knows what she is talking about, but even more than that she is so kind and warm. I’ve personally never met her, but she always interacts with her followers and takes the time to comment/message them but above all listen to them - which I think is hugely important. Lilly’s exercise routines are unique, and in a world where we are all busy they are short but pack a punch! The recipes she creates are absolutely BANGING and pretty simple to make!!!!!! There are a lot of influencers out there but not many with the kind spirit of Lilly!!! Keep going
I couldn’t recommend Lilly’s videos more (and do ALL THE TIME)! Personally I would never be able to make it through any online fitness videos or challenges … I actually couldn’t think of anything worse, but with Lilly, not only does she have the most incredible energy, motivation and love that just shines in her videos, but she also really knows her stuff … LIKE REALLY REALLY!! I have learnt so much about correct core form and body engagement that it has really transformed my results and even my yoga and inversion practice! Thank you lilly for doing ALL THE WORK you do!
I love Lilly’s Program ! Not only is she right there along side you, but she is relatable reachable, and reliable. she has helped me through a period of recovery from an Ankle injury. Strengthing me mentally and physically ... I literally didn’t know that I could get visibly stronger knees. I’ve done many workout programs and have never gotten such intricate instructions on how to properly engage and activate muscles. She targets muscles in your body Like no other trainer I’ve ever worked with , due to her extensive background in Physicaltherapy !! I love lily and you will too 🧡
Working full time, going to the gym was a big waste of time. I tried MANY online programs, but non felt like Lilly’s. Her energy is unmatched; makes you wanna “power through” even when every part of your body is screaming in agony 😂. I am even more in love with my body now that it’s been toned thanks to her awesome 30 day program💪🏻. Her dedication towards our Familia is what makes this community one of a kind, and the reason I never gave it up. I am super psyched for the new program❤ Thank you Lilly ❤
Working out with Lilly has been absolutely amazing! have never been happier or healthier!! Having two kids of my own, I’ve struggled to find time to workout. Lilly’s quick, intense workouts have been incredible and a life saver!!! I have never had workouts so intense and effective as hers. It completely changed my body and my life. If you want the best most effective workouts.... you NEED to follow and work out with this inspirational woman!!! Thanks Lilly!! 😘
I love these workouts and Lilly helps me to push through until the end. They really make a body changing difference. Lilly you’re amasing.. the workouts & tips you give are just what I need to keep going. My body changed and I started to love iT! I really had problems with loving my legs and you changed this.. Now I’m proud of my legs & booty all because you make them Burn for the good. Light & love for your beautiful soul ✨🙏🏽✨
I remember seeing Lily’s workouts on YouTube and seeing the five minute abs and being like « there’s no way that this is actually going to make my abs burn in five minutes » when I would spend 45 minutes at the gym and no joke I couldn’t finish the first time. She’s insane and has THE BEST videos and they’re FREE!
I had to message and say how much I LOVE all of your workouts! I have tried to follow so many different workout guides from SO many different people on here, but yours are the only ones that I have seen make such a difference in me both physically and mentally, even in just the few weeks since I’ve been doing them. So I basically just wanted to say thank you for making me fall in love with working out again! ☺️
I've been doing Lilly's workouts for almost a year now... Not only do i feel better within myself, but I feel so much leaner and I actually have muscle definition... I love them!
Thank you... Also just wanted to say that my whole family know who you are and how good job you are doing. Every time they see me working out they are like "O Lilly is here! We were worried we are not going to see her today." 😂😂😂. You practically became part of our family. 👪❤
She has the best workouts and so many are 10 minutes long, so can easily fit in with a busy schedule and still seriously feel the burn. And she makes the time to message and repost your workouts! Such great support.
apart of promoting a healthy lifestyle, make the workout’s time something you are looking for!! There are fun, challenging and with amazing and obvious results “ I just love you( even if I don’t know you... let’s hope one day I can meet you !! 😃 Thanks so much for all the efforts you do for all of us 😘
It’s working! 😊! I’m so happy! I’m 50 this year with a 22 year old and a 7 year old! I feel damn good! Thank you for your encouragement through your work out videos! I want to cry! Thank you!
So happy with the results I am getting, so spread the word how effective it is working out with you and how comfortable in my own skin I feel lately
I'm sure that your programs helped my body to feel powerful and strong...
I have @lillysabri to thank for motivation and the constant encouragement to leave whatever it is I was struggling with in my mind at the door for 30 mins and sweat it out!
Ur workouts are awesome I can feel my core after having a kid (he's 4) and doing so many abs workouts not getting the best results. These are helping so much and I'm so excited to get results. Absss 😍

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If you want to build body confidence through living a healthy lifestyle, but don’t know where to start – you’ve come to the right place. Join the #LeanWithLilly family to take more steps towards feeling your most confident self, by living a healthier and happier lifestyle!

I’m Lilly Sabri, founder of Lean with Lilly. I’ve been a Chartered Physiotherapist since 2010. Over the years, I’ve educated and empowered hundreds of thousands of people around the world to improve their health, fitness and live a healthy lifestyle. My LWL workout guides help you live a healthy lifestyle from home through exercise and nutrition, whether you are new to fitness or seeking a challenge. Join the #LeanWithLilly family to take control, feel confident and make changes towards a healthier, happier lifestyle!

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What we do

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#LeanWithLilly Family

Workout with me in real time from the comfort of your home, gym, beach and anything else in between. All you need is your phone or laptop, I'll bring the motivation!
Get access to some of my favorite healthy recipes. From breakfast bowls and smoothies to pastas and crispy kale, you'll find a wide range of quick healthy recipes for you to try!
Everyday our familia is growing stronger. A supportive community of hundreds of thousands of people working out together and inspiring one another across every inch of the globe. If that's not motivating... I don’t know what is!

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